Wisconsin Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Wisconsin is a Midwestern state situated alongside two Great Lakes, Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. The state’s interior is made up mostly of farms and forests. The state calls to mind the values and principles that built America. However, even with this cultural underpinning, the state hasn’t escaped the war on drugs that is being fought nationwide. Fortunately, there are many high-quality rehabilitation centers within the state that work to fight harmful substance abuse.

Best Rehabilitation, Detox and Mental Illness Centers in Wisconsin:

Hope Haven North Bay Lodge, Madison:

This treatment center is affiliated with the Catholic Charities of Madison. They are one of the largest non-profit organizations within Madison, located on the shores of Lake Mendota. Hope Haven is a residential treatment center that treats 25 adults at a time. Throughout treatment, clients receive job search assistance, food, housing and 25 hours of counseling a week. Once clients leave this center, they move to Hope Haven’s transitional house called the Chris Farley House.

Hope Haven Chris Farley House, Madison:

This facility is the next step once clients complete their treatment at Hope Haven, listed above. Hope Haven Chris Farley House is a transitional home that houses 16 residents at a time who are recovering addicts. All clients are encouraged to live more independently. The facility helps them find permanent housing and jobs as they prepare to begin life anew. They also provide counseling and continued focus on sobriety.

West Grove Clinic, Wauwatosa:

This facility, headed up by Medical Director Selahattin Kurter, specializes in treating opiate dependence, especially with regard to pregnant women. They treat addictions as well as co-occurring disorders or underlying mental health issues. Underlying mental issues are often found in correlation with substance abuse, although the reason behind that isn’t completely understood. Therefore, treating mental illness is vitally important to truly free a person from addiction.

Substance Abuse in Wisconsin:

Problems with opiates and other drugs are of course a problem in Wisconsin. However, alcohol is the most frequently consumed substance within the state. Alcohol was a factor in 1,822 deaths and 2,907 motor vehicle crashes in 2012 within the state. This reveals part of the problem created by alcohol within the state. The following are more facts about substance abuse in general within Wisconsin:

  • More residents died from drug overdose than died in motor vehicle accidents, firearms or suicide in 2013.
  • In 2014, drug overdose deaths in Wisconsin were unintentional in 82% of the cases and 14% were attributed to suicide.
  • State crime lab cases involving heroin increased 419% from 2008 to 2014 in Wisconsin.
  • Of the 843 drug overdose deaths that occurred in 2014, were the result of prescription opioid abuse.
    Another 28% were attributed to heroin.

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