Virginia Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Virginia holds a special distinction that no other state in the nation can claim. They house the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. Within this city stands the white house and most federal government agencies in addition to many monuments that honor past presidents along with countless memorials for those who lost their lives in various wars throughout history fighting to keep the nation free. Due to the significance the state has within the nation, they should be an example for the rest of the nation in many aspects. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case when it comes to leading the fight against substance abuse.

Substance Abuse in Virginia:

Around 20% of Virginia’s residents aged 12 to 25 are either dependent or abusing alcohol. Around 30% are illicit drug users within the same demographic. This showcases the problem within the state when it comes to substance abuse. Thankfully, the rates of drug-induced deaths within the state are lower than the national average. However, the problem with substance abuse still merits more attention.

Mental Illness in Virginia:

The state of Virginia also has to fight a battle against mental illness within their borders. There are around 1,137,259 to 1,497,870 adult residents who have a mental illness. Another 239,750 to 305,000 people who call Virginia home live with a serious mental illness. Since mental illness is often linked to substance abuse and other problems, it’s important to treat the condition a serious health issue.

Getting Help in Virginia:

When a person decides they want freedom from addiction or want to find help for a mental disorder, it’s time to seek the help of a great rehabilitation center like those listed below:

Best Rehabilitation, Detox and Mental Illness Centers in Virginia:

Life Line Counseling Center, Fairfax:

This is an outpatient counseling facility for people with mental illnesses or addictions. They specialize in the treatment of adults and young adults. This facility utilizes knowledge obtained from research on brain chemistry, lifestyle approaches, and nutrition to increase the likelihood of success in their clients.

Pathways Treatment Center, Lynchburg:

This facility is applicable for individuals 18 and older. They provide a wide range of programs, including a 52-week continuing care program, a men’s program, a women’s program and 12-step support groups. Pathways offers both residential and outpatient treatment options.

Recovery for Life, Virginia Beach:

This center was founded by a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor, Dr. Paul Hardy in 1998. It is a faith-based, non-profit organization that is passionate about helping people who are currently struggling with addictions find lasting sobriety. Recovery for Life also provides relapse prevention training for men coming out of the prison system and the homeless. It specializes in offering an alternative to addicts and those struggling with compulsive behaviors who prefer small group treatments.

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