Utah Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Located in the western United States, Utah is a state characterized by the Wasatch Range Mountains and expanse of deserts. Its capital city, Salt Lake City, is the headquarters of the Mormon Church and features its tabernacle and temple complete with the church’s renowned choir and its massive dome. Swimmers enjoy the buoyant waters of the Great Salt Lake, making it a popular spot for tourists to enjoy. Family values play a big role in the state of Utah, which can likely be attributed to the significant presence of the Mormon church. This fact hasn’t kept the state free from the negative aspects of substance abuse and mental illness; however. Thankfully, the state has several high-quality rehabilitation centers that are designed to help their clients achieve freedom from addiction.

Best Rehabilitation, Detox And Mental Illness Centers in Utah:

New Roads Treatment, Sandy:

This treatment center was remodeled in 2010. The facility offers many amenities like art and music classes, yoga, a private garden and a gym. New Roads is situated in a quiet residential neighborhood. Beyond its many positive attributes, this center has a virtual perfect rating on Facebook and is considered extremely effective. They work to free Utah residents from addiction and mental illness through various types of treatments.

Aspiro, Riverton:

This unique treatment center offers Wilderness Adventure Therapy. This is applicable for both young adults and teens and is designed as individualized programs. They offer adventures throughout treatment that includes mountain biking, rock climbing, backpacking, skiing and more. The purpose is to create new, healthier behavioral patterns and showcase a lifestyle free from addiction.

Substance Abuse in Utah:

There are several surprising facts about substance abuse in Utah. Due to the state’s overall commitment to health, wellness, and faith, many would expect Utah to have very few drug related problems. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. The following are a few of the most unexpected:

  • Throughout the last decade, pill-related deaths in Utah have increased by 400%. Utah ranks eighth out of the 50 states when it comes to the number of prescription drug overdoses within the state.
  • Some 60% of residents are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and practicing Mormons. This means many of the people currently addicted to prescription drugs are people of faith. Though the LDS community strictly forbids drug use, many people feel prescription medications are not in the same category as street drugs.

Mental Illness in Utah:

Not only does Utah have its hands full fighting prescription drug abuse, they also have an extremely high rate of mental illness. In fact, according to a study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Utah leads the nation when it comes to mental illness rates. Around 22.4% of the adults who call Utah home have experienced a mental disorder within the last year.

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