Tennessee Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Tennessee is perhaps most known for its capital city, Nashville, which is recognized as the capital of country music. Famous country singers like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw make their home in the rural part of the state. There are many other stars who reside in the state or visit on a regular basis. At any rate, there is a lot to like about Tennessee from its Grand Ole Opry to the Opryland Hotel and all the stars that visit, it has much to offer. Although it is a great place to live and visit, the state has experienced some issues with substance abuse and mental illness.

Substance Abuse in Tennessee:

An astounding 80% of the crimes in the state of Tennessee have a drug-related motivation. In addition, there are around 800 methamphetamine labs currently operating all across the state. Meth is especially harmful to the boy as it causes serious, irreversible damage to the body. However, it also negatively alters the environment due to the toxic chemicals of which its constructed.

While meth is still a significant threat in the state, it has leveled off somewhat. Unfortunately, heroin is on the rise. Prescription drug abuse is also increasing within the state and causing substantial problems. Recent studies show 5% of residents have used pain relievers for non-medical purposes. More than 70% have used prescription drugs for non-medical use. Usually, people get these by taking them from family members. The abuse of prescription drugs has caused serious issues in the state. Overdose deaths, a rise in emergency room visits and hospital costs along with more children being placed in state custody are all attributed to the rise in prescription drug abuse across the state.

Getting Help in Tennessee:

When an individual decides they are ready to change, that they want freedom from their addiction, it is time for them to seek help from substance abuse centers like those listed below:

La Paloma, Memphis:

This treatment facility not only treats those with alcohol or drug addictions but also focuses on co-occurring disorders. A co-occurring disorder means an underlying cause or simply another disorder in addition to a person’s addiction. Many times, a co-occurring disorder with substance abuse is mental illness. La Polma utilizes their Foundations Treatment Model to study environmental factors, brain chemistry, and family history when diagnosing a co-occurring disorder. They also provide residential services, vocational rehabilitation, and outpatient services.

Centerstone, Nashville:

This facility is one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit centers that utilizes behavioral health care. Centerstone treats all ages from children to seniors. They also include the client’s families. In any given year, this facility will treat around 50,000 individuals and families. Their treatment programs address psychological, behavioral and emotional issues associated with an addiction.

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