South Dakota

South Dakota Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

South Dakota is a sparsely populated Midwestern state full of rolling prairies and Black Hills National Forest. It is perhaps best known for the monument that is housed within the Black Hills, the iconic Mt. Rushmore. This, of course, is the depiction of the four American presidents carved right into the rock. There is much to appreciate about South Dakota. However, one aspect that could use some help is their substance abuse and mental illness problems.

Best Rehabilitation Detox and Mental Illness Centers in South Dakota:

Carroll Institute, Sioux Falls:

This addiction facility specializes in prevention programs, aftercare, assessments, and treatment. They also offer their treatment for incarcerated adults. This treatment lasts for six weeks and works incarcerated individuals through six hours of individual sessions and 54 hours of group sessions. Topics covered include alcohol and drug education, addictive thinking and reintegration after release from prison.

Dakota Pride Center, Sisseton:

This facility specializes in the treatment of American Indians. They provide free services for those who are eligible for Indian Health Service. This center treats alcohol and drug addiction and requires all clients to be drug-free, at least 72 hours before admittance.

Tallgrass Recovery & Sober Living Homes, Sioux Falls:

This facility is a residential treatment center designed for people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Their residential treatment program lasts 30 days, but they also provide extended stay in their sober living homes. The beautiful Tallgrass campus is situated on a 10-acre property. This center is mostly staffed by volunteers. Sometimes, these are recovering addicts themselves who are trying to give back.

Drug and Substance Abuse in South Dakota:

South Dakota has actually achieved some success when it comes to alcohol and substance abuse in their state. Their reported use of illicit drugs is 6.07, while the rest of the nation’s was 8.82%. Their program called “24/7 Sobriety” has likely made the most difference. This program works with chronic DWI offenders, encouraging them to change their behavior patterns. They also use swift and moderate sanctions to deter driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Mental Illness in South Dakota:

While South Dakota is doing better than the rest of the nation when it comes to substance abuse, they have a real problem with mental illness. A surprising stat tells the story of why the state is struggling with mental illness. A 2010 study found that South Dakota only spent $31 per resident towards community-based programs designed to help restore mental health. This figure is one of the lowest in all 50 states. To compare, Montana spent $137 per resident towards their community outreach programs. Since mental illness often correlates with drug abuse, it’s important to properly fund these centers so residents can get the help they need.

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