South Carolina

South Carolina Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

South Carolina is best known for its subtropical beaches and marshlike sea islands that make up its beautiful shoreline. The state of South Carolina is a place many people come to visit, looking to get away from their problems and hustle and bustle of life. Unfortunately, just because the state might look like paradise, doesn’t mean everything is all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, South Carolina, just like the rest of the nation, is facing substance abuse and mental illness problems that threaten the health and wellness of their citizens. The following are a few treatments within the state that are designed to combat these issues:

Best Rehabilitation, Detox and Mental Illness Centers in South Carolina:

Recovery Works, Ridge Spring:

Situated on 12 acres of farmland, is the Recovery Works treatment facility. They provide long-term residential substance abuse and alcohol treatments for men. They also provide traditional therapies but also encourage their clients to work while staying at the center. Chores like caring for the horses, dogs, chicken, and quail, along with tending to the vegetable gardens, cleaning, doing laundry and cooking are just a few of the many tasks clients complete when staying at the Recovery Works facility.

Cornerstone, Greenwood:

This facility is a drug and alcohol abuse treatment center. They provide outpatient family, group, and individual counseling sessions. They specialize in the prevention of relapse. Their program is called the Matrix Model, and it focuses on recovery skills, relapse prevention, and family relationships.

The Dawn Center, Organeburg:

This facility focuses on treating adults. Some of their services include family, group and individual counseling. This facility is associated with the William J. McCord Adolescent Treatment Facility.

Substance Abuse in South Carolina:

The need for the facilities listed above and those like it comes from the growing number of addicts within the state. A National Survey on Drug Use and Health found South Carolina to be one of the top ten states for illicit drug use. Marijuana is the most abused drug in the state. However, the number of methamphetamine lab seizures has also skyrocketed. The number of labs confiscated increased 158% from 2008 to 2001.

Mental Illness in South Carolina:

Mental illness is a serious issue that is often overlooked and ignored. In South Carolina, there are close to 170,000 adults residents who live each day with a serious mental illness. In 2006, 524 people who call South Carolina home died as a result of suicide. Since suicide is often related to untreated or undertreated mental illness, this number speaks volumes. In addition, there is evidence that suggests a link between mental illness and substance abuse, which is all the more reason to treat it like the health condition it truly is.

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