Rhode Island

Rhode Island Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Rhode Island is a small state in New England best known for its picturesque Colonial towns and sandy shores. While the state exudes charm and pleasantries, it is actually facing quite an ugly battle. This war is being fought against substance abuse and mental illness, which are putting the health and wellness of Rhode Island residents at risk.

Marijuana in Rhode Island:

In recent studies, residents admitted to using marijuana in the past month. The number of people equaled 14% of individuals aged 12 and older. Since this data has been accrued, Rhode Island has actually taken steps to legalize marijuana in some forms. For example, residents are now able to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. However, possession of the drug outside of this can result in a fine. Anyone who cultivates or sales marijuana for nonmedical purposes can face a serious prison sentence.

Illicit Drug Use And Mental Illness in Rhode Island:

Although the state has taken moves to legalize marijuana, it was not the only problem drug. In fact, 4.3% of residents reported consuming illegal drugs. This leads the nation within a category in which they don’t want to excel. In addition to substance abuse issues, Rhode Island is also dealing with mental illness. Of the 1.1 million residents who call Rhode Island home, close to 38,000 adults live with a serious mental illness. In 2006, there were 90 residents who died as a result of suicide. Since mental illness is often behind suicide and mental illness is also behind substance abuse, it is crucial to pay attention to this stat.

Getting Help in Rhode Island:

When you or someone you love reaches the point of needing help for a mental illness or substance abuse, it’s time to reach out to recovery centers like those listed below:

Phoenix House, Exeter:

This treatment center located in Exeter, Rhode Island provides beds for 20 clients. These clients are monitored by registered nurses 24 hours a day. This center also provides medically monitored detox lasting up to seven days. However, in some cases, clients will stay up to 30 days. They also offer outpatient services that include 12-step programs and fitness programs.

Community Care Alliance, Woonsocket:

This addiction treatment center works with individuals with housing concerns, mental illness, and economic problems. They offer vocational and educational programs, housing, food, counseling and treatment for their clients. Their substance abuse programs include sober living, partial hospitalization, residential and outpatient care. Community Care Alliance also promotes therapeutic healing through a community garden.

The Doric Center, Cranston:

This center is a non-profit company that offers behavioral health counseling, among other treatments. The Doric Center also provide outpatient groups for adults and teens.

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