Pennsylvania Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The “Keystone State,” Pennsylvania’s nickname, refers to the role the state played in America’s history. Within in the first 13 colonies, Pennsylvania was centrally located, thus earning the nickname the “keystone” of the land. Of course, a keystone is crucial to any structure as it determines whether a building will withstand the elements or crumble under pressure and fail. Pennsylvania as a state has taken their keystone nickname seriously and seeks to create a foundation for their residents to succeed. Part of this is the desire to rid the state of substance abuse and mental illness.

Getting Help in Pennsylvania:

When you or your loved one realizes you need help with a substance addiction or mental illness, it’s time to get the help you deserve. The following are a few of the best such facilities in Pennsylvania:

Best Rehabilitation, Detox and Mental Illness Centers in Pennsylvania:

White Deer Run, Pittsburgh:

This addiction facility provides a wide range of treatment options for their clients. These include but aren’t limited to medication-assisted and specialty treatment programs, day treatments, inpatient residential programs, online services, outpatient treatments, detox and more. In addition to these treatment methods, White Deer Run also provides a halfway house for adolescents and adults to reside in while going through addiction treatment.

Accessible Recovery Services, Cranberry Twp.:

This addiction treatment facility is designed to help those suffering from opioid and opiate addictions and drug abuse. They use Suboxone to medically treat clients, allowing them to wean themselves off of the drug on which they are addicted. This center doesn’t provide therapy on the premises but does refer their clients to counselors or therapists so the cognitive issues behind their substance abused are addressed.

Onala, Pittsburgh:

Onala’s name is an abbreviation of Alcoholics Anonymous spelled backward. This center provides a meeting place for individuals who are recovering from substance abuse. Clients or guests can meet together at this facility in an alcohol and drug-free environment. Onala offers a banquet room, TV room, video games, a library a pool table and more. In addition, they offer many events like picnics, dances, and dinners, throughout the year designed to bring their clients together even more.

Why Pennsylvania Needs Recovery Centers:

The centers listed above are just a small sampling of the many such locales spread across the state. The reason these recovery centers are so important is the epidemic the state is facing every day of the year. Like the rest of the nation, Pennsylvania is entrenched in a battle for the lives of its residents against addiction. Pennsylvania’s current death rate of overdose deaths are higher than the national average. In fact, recent research revealed a 14 fold increase in such deaths between 1979 to 2014, furthering highlighting the needs for centers like those listed above.

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