Organization Seeking Funding for Detox at Home Plan

Families with a loved one who needs treatment for opioid addiction say they are having difficulty finding a placement in a facility specializing in this type of detox. The issue is compounded by a high relapse rate for those who leave treatment.

Save the Michaels House of Hope in Buffalo is putting forward a proposal that would allow people being treated for opioid withdrawal to remain at home. Avi Israel is the founder and president of Save Michael’s House of Hope, an organization that trains family members to function as recovery coaches. He plans to apply to the Erie County Legislature for a minimum $100,000 grant.

The Legislature has already allocated $500,000 to fund private and community initiatives that could be used toward the opioid epidemic.

Detox Training Will be Provided to Families

Under the plan proposed by Save the Michaels House of Hope, the organization will help provide training to families of those requiring detox services. It will also pay fees to doctors to prescribe medications to combat cravings. A visiting nurse will stop in to see the patient daily. Participating families will be connected to recovery coaches and organizations for additional support.

Mr. Israel said that he hopes that the detoxing at home program will help families of addicts understand the disease of addiction. He added that recovering addicts would have a greater degree of support under the program.

Some Oppose Detox at Home Plan

Opinions differ about whether addicts should be detoxing at home. Some doctors feel that the best place to for addicts to get free from the influence of chemicals is in a specialized addiction treatment facility.

Dr. Torin Finver, from U.B. Family Medicine’s Department of Addiction Medicine, expressed concerns that a home detox program would put excessive pressure on families to “play doctor.” He also said that a short-term detox will increase the likelihood of overdose and that a recovery plan should include more than one aspect.

Israel argued that with people dying daily from drug addiction, there is “no harm” in trying an at-home detox in New York plan to evaluate whether it would be effective.