Assurant Insurance for Drug Rehab

Assurant Insurance was established in the early 1890s and has its company headquarters in New York City. Along with health insurance, the company also offered life, property and casualty coverage.

Both individual and group health insurance coverage were available through Assurant Insurance. Substance abuse treatment coverage was included in the company’s health insurance policies.

Assurant Insurance for Drug Rehab: PPO Coverage Example

The Assurance Silver Plan 002 had a deductible of $2,000.00 for participating providers and $6,000.00 for non-participating providers. When subscribers saw participating providers for outpatient substance abuse treatment, there was a $30.00 copay per visit. Inpatient services were covered at 50% coinsurance when provided by a participating provider, once the deductible was reached.

This insurer limited office visits to 10 per year, per person (diagnosis, evaluation and therapy). Once this limit was reached, office visits were subject to the annual deductible and coinsurance listed above.

When substance abuse treatment services were provided by a non-participating provider, they were covered at 50% coinsurance rate.

Assurant Insurance Sells Health Division

In April 2015, Assurant announced it was looking for a buyer for its health division. The company’s employee benefits division was also put up for sale. Assurant Health lost $64 million in 2014. Assurant announced that it would stop selling health insurance policies on June 15, 2015, and that the company would not participate in open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act for 2016. The health division was sold to National General.

Drug Rehab Coverage When your Insurer has Been Sold

If your health insurance provider is sold to another company, it doesn’t mean that you will be left without coverage. You will receive a letter from the new insurance company explaining how it proposes to handle policies it will be taking over from the other provider. Read it over carefully and contact the new company’s customer service department or your agent if you have any questions.

You can also reach out to drug rehab centers that you are considering if you have questions about insurance coverage. Since they work closely with insurance companies, these facilities know what services are covered and to what extent.

Don’t let the fact that your health insurance provider may have changed discourage you from seeking addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one. Waiting is never a good idea when dealing with this disease.

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