AmeriHealth Insurance for Drug Rehab

AmeriHealth offers a number of health insurance plans through its family of companies: AmeriHealth Pennsylvania, AmeriHealth New Jersey, AmeriHealth Caritas, AmeriHealth Administrators and AmeriHealth Casualty Services. From these various companies, it insures individuals and employers, both locally and nationally.

The companies’ insurance plans are backed by Independence Blue Cross. Most of the health plans have received NCQA Health Plan Accreditation, an indication of high quality in the marketplace.

AmeriHealth and Drug Rehab Coverage

AmeriHealth provides drug rehab coverage included in its Behavioral Health Program. Coverage levels are available at a number of different levels. This family of companies offers both partially funded and full coverage plans.

Subscribers are responsible for paying the cost of any services not covered under the insurance plan. If the plan has a deductible, the subscriber must pay this amount before the insurance company will pay any amount for drug rehab coverage.

The insurance company may require a doctor to evaluate a subscriber and recommend substance abuse treatment. AmeriHealth needs to authorize all inpatient drug treatment before a subscriber starts a program.

Summaries of Benefits for Individual Plans

The following summaries of benefits are all taken from a sample AmeriHealth insurance plan.

There are multiple levels of deductibles and copays, with benefits for both residential and outpatient treatment services. The amounts and percentages vary. Deductibles can be as low as $1,000 or as high as $6,000, with copays ranging from $50 for an outpatient visit all the way up to $500 per day for inpatient treatment.

There are many more policy options, and the level of coverage for substance abuse can vary from detox to residential and outpatient care. To find a rehab program that might take your AmeriHealth plan, contact us today.

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