Hawaii Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

As an island, Hawaii residents can be justified in feeling like they are insulated from the constant drug problems of the mainland. However, despite being over 2,000 miles away from any other United States landmass, this state is still struggling with similar illegal drug issues as the other states in the country. The most popular illegal drug in the state of Hawaii is methamphetamine, followed by marijuana, cocaine and heroin. It is likely that methamphetamine is so popular in this state due to the fact that it can be made in small batches in the home. This allows Hawaii residents to create their own drugs, rather than rely on them being smuggled in from California. In fact, there seems to be a trend among drug users in Hawaii, if it can be produced on the island, it will be used more than almost any other drug. Like methamphetamine, marijuana is grown on the islands of Hawaii and accounts for another large portion of the drug problem here.

Hawaiian Drug Abuse

Hawaii officials report that the most popular drug in this state is still methamphetamine. This is based off of reports from treatment facilities throughout the state. The reports indicate how many people check themselves into treatment for a particular drug problem. Marijuana comes in second to methamphetamine, followed by cocaine, heroin, prescription painkillers. But one of the major problems that people in this state have to contend with is alcohol addiction. According to reports, people in Hawaii are struggling with alcohol more than other states in the country. Statistics show that almost 20% of adults in this state binge drink on a regular basis and almost 15% of children report binge drinking. These numbers illustrate the major problem alcohol can be for some people, starting at a very young age. Drug and alcohol abuse can affect anybody. As more and more people are learning about abuse and discovering that someone close to them has been struggling with an addiction problem, the stigma of addiction is starting to lessen. This is important because oftentimes it is this stigma that prevents people from seeking treatment. Having to admit to their families and loved ones that they have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol can seem impossible when the weight of judgement is taken into account.

Drug Treatment in Hawaii

Of course, it can be difficult not to judge a person for using. After all, for most people betrayal, lies, theft and even violence are part of the lifestyle. As the addiction takes hold of the person they oftentimes find themselves having to lie to those closest to them in order to continue using. In fact, the desire to use can be so intense that the person may resort to physical altercations in order to obtain money, freedom or drugs. Addiction experts counsel anyone dealing with these problems to consider a drug and alcohol treatment center. In most cases it is left to the family members and loved ones of the addict to research and locate treatment for the individual, because denial is almost always part of addiction. But, addiction counselors can help family members research and locate the appropriate treatment center. Navigating through the hundreds of available treatment options in Hawaii can be daunting and in a situation where time is vital, experts can be extremely helpful. One of the first things that an addiction counselor will help figure out is what type of treatment modality would work best for the individual addict. There are many options available, ranging from one on one counseling, to meetings, to outpatient programs, to long-term inpatient facilities.

Using Insurance to Cover the Cost of Treatment

Another concern family members have is payment options for treatment. The most common way to pay for treatment is by using some form of insurance. This may mean looking into state run facilities in different parts of Hawaii. Payment for these is often provided for by Hawaii Medicaid. But, because of the high demand for free or low-cost treatment programs, these facilities often have long waiting lists. There are other programs that accept insurance, but these are more likely to take private insurance policies. These policies are often paid by the individual, or their family, or their place of employment. Depending on what the policy states, addiction counselors can help guide family members or loved ones to treatment centers that accept the addict’s insurance policy.

Find Rehab Help for Someone in Hawaii

Hawaii, which is an island state that many consider paradise on earth, is rich in beauty. American citizens come from all over the nation to visit Hawaii due to its unique landscape that isn’t found anywhere else in the United State. Hawaii is also known as the “Aloha State.” This nickname was given due to the fact that the word aloha is one of the most commonly used words in the state. Aloha can mean goodbye or hello, and can also communicate welcome and love. Although the beauty of Hawaii is unmatched, its citizens fight the ugly war with substance abuse on a daily basis.

Illicit Drug Use in Hawaii:

Hawaii has a major problem with crystallized methamphetamine, which is called ice by the locals. In fact, Hawaii has such a big problem with meth; it has been considered the national capital of methamphetamine use since the 1980s. Another number that reveals the magnitude of the problem is the following: Of the men jailed in Honolulu, 35% had meth in their system. This number is the highest percentage of any other American city. After meth, Hawaii’s most prevalent drugs are heroin, cocaine and the abuse of prescription drugs.

Mental Illness in Hawaii:

Mental illness is a medical condition that alters a person’s daily life. It can affect the thinking, mood and feelings of a person. Mental illness should be considered a legitimate illness, meaning sufferers should get the medical help they need to overcome their mental illness. Around 32,000 adults out of the 1.3million who call Hawaii home are living with a serious mental illness. Unfortunately, many of these adults who suffer from a mental illness won’t get the help they need.

Getting Substance Abuse Help in Hawaii:

Citizens of Hawaii who are tired of suffering from substance abuse of any kind or mental illness should seek the help they deserve. The following are two of the best rehabilitation centers located in Hawaii:

Behavioral Health Hawaii, Maui:

This center offers outpatient recovery treatments. The locale of this facility can’t be beaten as it is located on the beautiful island of Maui. The way Behavioral Health Hawaii approaches long-term healing from addiction is different than most centers. They are committed to including the whole family in the rehabilitation process, which has been proven to increase a person’s chance of staying clean.

Hawaii Island Recovery, Kailua-Kona:

This facility is the premiere center on the Big Island. It provides residential drug and alcohol treatment. The setting is serene and tranquil, promoting recovery. Hawaii Island Recovery also offers a wide variety of unique treatments. For example, they utilize dolphin-assisted psychotherapy and other experimental and holistic therapies.
Any citizens who are currently suffering from substance abuse or mental illness should seek the help they need by checking out a recovery center like those listed above.

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