Arkansas Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Arkansas is a beautiful state, known for its abundant wilderness and park areas. Its unique terrain consists of hot springs, caves, rivers and mountains. The best-known hiking area is the Blanchard Springs Caverns, which is located in the state’s northwest area, within the Ozark region. This beautiful state with all its picturesque terrain, unfortunately, is just like the rest of America when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse and mental illness.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Arkansas:

  • Methamphetamine: This the primary drug of concern in Arkansas at the present time. The state’s landscape actually makes an ideal setting for manufacturing this debilitating drug. As a result, Arkansas authorities have to fight against locally manufactured methamphetamine in addition to meth brought in from Mexico.
  • Cocaine: Powdered and crack cocaine are a significant problem in Arkansas. In fact, although it’s the second most used drug in the state, it actually is the primary concern of law enforcement within the state due to its extreme growth and the negative elements that have come along with cocaine. It’s negative impact on the state has included the growth of street gangs, along with a rise in homicides and violent crime.
  • Alcohol: Admittedly, alcohol isn’t a drug in the same category as the ones listed above. However, the abuse of alcohol causes many heartaches throughout the state of Arkansas. Around 132,000, or 6.4%, of residents say they have a problem with heavy alcohol use, which highlights the alcohol issue in Arkansas.

Mental Illness in Arkansas:

Although not unusually high, Arkansas does have a higher mental health problem, percentage-wise, than the rest of the country. Around 101,000 Arkansas’ residents or 4.6%, have had thoughts of suicide between 2013 and 2014. The national average is 3.9%. In addition, approximately 115,000 Arkansas adult residents, or 5.2%, claim they have dealt with a serious mental illness during the 2013-2014 time frame. The national average is 4.2%.

Drug and Alcohol Abuses and Mental Illness Treatment Centers in Arkansas:

The issues listed above, including addiction to alcohol or drugs, along with mental illness needs to be addressed correctly. The proper way to handle this problem is for the addicts or sufferers to get the help they need in the form of treatment centers like these listed below:

Misti Lira, LCSW, West Memphis:

This is a private mental health facility that treats adults, along with children and adolescents. Misti Lira is a psychotherapist who is committed to treating substance abuse disorders and well as mental illnesses. In addition, this location works with those who don’t have insurance by allowing them to pay on a sliding scale.

Harbor House, Inc, Fort Smith:

This facility focuses on the treatment of addiction and substance abuse. They offer both outpatient and inpatient therapy options. In addition, they provide transitional and residential living.

Quapaw House Recovery & Wellness Center, Arkadelphia:

This center offers treatment for substance abuse and addiction. It also offers medication-assisted treatment methods to make coming out of addiction easier.

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