Arizona Detox and Rehab Programs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Helping someone through an addiction can be very difficult. Perhaps what makes this so difficult is that the person that needs the help[ is often fighting hard not to do anything. Getting to the bottom of an addiction problem and getting the person into treatment can be confusing, scary and lonely. Therefore, addiction counselors can be helpful. They are trained in helping navigate all the twists and turns that are present in an addict’s life. One of the first things they can help with is determining whether the person in question has an addiction problem in the first place. If you are suspicious that your loved one is suffering from an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol it is time to give one of our addiction counselors a call. They will help spot the indicators that drugs or alcohol is a problem and guide you to your next steps.

Due to Arizona’s unique geographical position, residents here are inundated with drugs more than much of the rest of the country. The most popular drugs in the state of Arizona is cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana. And while these drugs are usually destined for other parts of the country, residents here have access to the drugs as well. This is evidenced by the sharp increase in treatment admissions over the years. Those living in Phoenix and Tucson are likely familiar with crack cocaine, as it extremely part in this part of the state. The crack epidemic, which is slowed in some parts of the country, continues to go strong in Arizona, causing many people to need treatment to get off crack cocaine. Heroin comes in two forms in Arizona. Black tar heroin and brown powder heroin can both be found in this state, likely since Arizona is a portal for drugs for the rest of the country. Methamphetamine is another drug that has resisted a decline, line in other parts of the country. Methamphetamine continues to get abused in abundance by residents of Arizona and is one of the most addictive drugs on the market.

Intervention is a tool that is often undervalued when it comes to getting someone into treatment. Interventionists in the Arizona area can help talk to your loved one and escort them to treatment. This is especially important for families that struggle with getting through to the addict. Oftentimes intervention is used in these cases to help the family come to terms with the situation, and develop healthy ways to talk to the addict and lay out the requirements for them to continue being a part of the family structure. Despite the pain and sorrow that encompass addiction, families are usually the last to get help. However, interventions are geared towards helping both the family and the addict, allowing for healing to begin for all parties involved. And while it can be very cathartic to get your loved one into treatment, once they leave, it is time for everyone else to heal. Interventions are the fist step in this healing process and oftentimes let the families deal with the lies, betrayal and deception that so often comes with loving someone who is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

Finding Treatment in Arizona

Because of the many treatment centers in Arizona, there is likely a facility nearby that can help with your loved one’s addiction problem. However, it is important to consider how you want to pay for rehab. In Arizona, there are many facilities that will accept Arizona Medicaid, Arizona insurance plans and private payments. Cost and availability are key things to consider when picking out a treatment center. Another factor could be that the addict may do better in a different state. This is often a solution for those that have left treatment in the past, or have completed treatment programs in their home state with little success. Addiction counselors will help determine which treatment program in Arizona, or surrounding states will be the best fir for your loved one. When talking to an addiction counselor, make sure that you are clear about how you expect to pay for treatment and what types of facilities the person has attended in the past. These will be major factors to consider when choosing the right treatment center.

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Arizona, which is perhaps most known for the mile-deep chasm within the state called the Grand Canyon, is located in the southwestern part of the United States, bordering Mexico. This state’s terrain is made up of dry plains, mountain ranges, deserts and forests. Arizona’s location makes it susceptible to drug trafficking from Mexico. Arizona is ranked second, beyond Texas only, when it comes to the total amount of seized illicit drugs. Read below to learn more about Arizona and their specific drug, alcohol and mental illness problems:

Arizona’s Drug Facts:

  • Marijuana: This drug is the most widely used throughout the state of Arizona. Much of Arizona’s marijuana enters the state via the Mexican border through the use of vehicles or backpackers.
  • Methamphetamine: Arizona has seen a rise in methamphetamine usage. This drug is particularly popular with the poor working class within the state.
  • Cocaine: This state serves as a transshipment area for cocaine. The drug comes into Arizona and then is distributed throughout the nation. Crack cocaine is most used in the metropolitan areas like Tucson and Phoenix.
  • Heroin: Both brown powder and black tar heroin are often found in Arizona. Large quantities of heroin have been found and seized in major metropolitan and ports of entry areas.

Arizona’s Alcohol Facts:

As bad as Arizona has it with regard to drug abuse, the abuse of alcohol is even worse. A quick snapshot of the state revealed the fact that more arrests were made in the state for DUIs then for drug possession and manufacturing combined.

Mental Health in Arizona:

Of the 6.5 million residents who call Arizona home, there are approximately 221,000 who live every day with a serious mental illness. These numbers show that the mental health problems that plague the rest of the nation are also an issue in Arizona.

Substance Abuse, Detox and Mental Illness Centers in Arizona:

Pasadera Behavioral Health Network, Tucson:

Pasadera, which means “stepping stone” in Spanish, represents exactly what this center does. They give their clients the ability to take their first step towards substance abuse freedom and to mental health. This center offers treatment for both substance abuse and addiction issues along with mental illness. Pasadera also provides detoxification, residential treatment, counseling and other programs designed to achieve a drug and alcohol-free life.

Calvary Addiction Recovery Center, Phoenix:

This fantastic facility has been a leader in substance abuse treatment since 1964. Calvary’s programs are designed for men and women and include both partial hospitalization and outpatient treatment options. They utilize EMDR, also known as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, along with psychotherapy to help their clients achieve long lasting recovery.

Arizona is an amazing state with beautiful terrain and wonderful residents. Thankfully, they also have some effective rehabilitation centers like those listed above to help Arizona residents overcome mental illness and substance abuse addiction.

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