Alaska Detox and Rehab Centers For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

As evidenced by the fact that drug and alcohol treatment enrollments have continued to go up in Alaska, it is important for Alaskan residents to know that drug and alcohol abuse can affect anyone. Gone are the days when one could spot an addict simply by what they were wearing, or where they lived. Drug abuse has infiltrated the quietest suburban towns and addiction specialists are available to help Alaskan residents with their drug addiction questions and find treatment now.

Rehabilitation in Alaska

A rehabilitation program is a major step in getting someone off drugs and/or alcohol. It has been proven that addicts are much more likely to achieve and maintain sobriety when they undergo counseling and are provided a safe place, under the guidance of properly trained professional staff, to safely withdrawal from their drug of choice. Withdrawal is oftentimes the hurdle that is most difficult for addicts. The physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms can be so overpowering that unless they are under qualified care, they can feel compelled to continue using, just to make the pain go away.

In Alaska, there are several treatment options for a safe detox, and it can be just a matter of locating one that fits your situation. Sometimes people elect to go away for treatment. This means traveling to various parts of the country. This can be beneficial, it the situation calls for it. One of the biggest benefits of traveling for rehab is that the addict is away from any friends or influencers that could deter progress. Because rehabilitation requires that the addict face the problems in their life that drugs and alcohol were covering up, it can be very helpful to be in a completely different location than anyone who would help them leave treatment prematurely and therefore not have to face the problems that may have caused the addiction in the first place.

Paying for Rehab

One of the most frequent questions regarding rehabilitation is how much does it cost, and how does one go about paying for treatment. Treatment cost is unique to the provider, an addiction hotline can help refer individuals seeking help to facilities that cater to their price point. Many treatment centers will accept insurance, however the types of insurance plans that are accepted are also unique to treatment facilities. It is often helpful to have the insurance card of the primary holder available when calling for treatment options for yourself or your loved one. The common methods of paying for treatment are insurance and cash payments. The biggest factor that determines whether insurance can be used is if the treatment facility accepts a particular insurance company, and what the addict’s plan states. Understanding insurance and coverage can be daunting and many families turn to addiction specialists to help them navigate their plans and point them in a direction of a facility that accepts that insurance.

Inpatient v. Outpatient

Determining whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is more appropriate can be difficult to answer without the aid of an addiction specialist. Our addiction specialists are here to help assess the situation and steer everyone in the right direction. However, inpatient treatment is generally the best first step for anyone who is struggling with addiction. Inpatient treatment is geared to helping the addict get through any withdrawal symptoms and cravings as well as provides the person with intensive drug addiction counseling. There are several distinct types of treatment philosophies that a treatment center can subscribe to, this is another point to find out when searching for the best treatment for a loved one. Some treatment centers focus on the 12-step method, while others have a stronger focus on meditation and counseling. Often the unique personality of the individual can determine which type of treatment is best for them.

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Alaska, which is the most sparsely populated and largest state in the United States, is located northwest of Canada. This state is perhaps best known for its abundant wildlife, forests and mountains and open spaces. Due to its unique terrain, Alaska is a popular location for kayaking, mountain biking, skiing and other outdoor activities. Unfortunately, the state’s pristine terrain and distant location doesn’t make it immune to the drug, alcohol and mental problems that plague the rest of the nation.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse in Alaska:

According to Alaska’s criminal justice professionals, alcohol is the most often abused substance in the state. Alcohol often enters the state via U.S. Postal Service, snow machines, air carriers, private aircraft and express mailing services. The abuse of alcohol has led to many accidental deaths, suicides and violent crimes, especially in the rural parts of the state.

  • Cocaine: This is a drug that continues to remain widely used within the state of Alaska. It is available in most all areas of the state and is usually used in powder form. Crack cocaine is more common in the larger urban areas like Fairbanks and Anchorage. There were 6.40lbs of cocaine seized in 2015.
  • Heroin: Another highly addictive drug that is popular in Alaska is Heroin. This drug is found all over the state, including smaller areas of Alaska. In 2015, police seized 6.67lbs of the harmful drug.
  • Prescription Drugs: Alaska has had continued problems with the abuse of prescription drugs, as does the rest of the nation. The abuse of this type of drug has increased the amount of crime within the state.

Mental Illness in Alaska:

Mental illness is a common problem in Alaska. In 2010, there were 24,000 Alaska residents who lived with a serious mental illness. This number is out of 700,000 citizens.

Best Rehabilitation, Detox and Mental Health Centers in Alaska:

Akeela House, Anchorage:

This facility offers a wide range of treatment services, providing help for mental disorders, along with drug and alcohol abuse. The center has residential care and transitional housing as well as family programs and outpatient services.

North Star DeBarr RTC, Anchorage:

This center provides individual and group therapy along with family programs. It provides a drug detox service and a residential treatment program.

Set Free Alaska, Wasilla:

The motto of this amazing center is “Freedom From Addiction,” and that’s what they are all about. They provide treatment to both teens and adults. They offer help for substance abuse and associated disorders; they have individualized treatment plans along with group and individual counseling. They also provide their clients with aftercare counseling to ensure they remain free of their addiction.

The beautiful state of Alaska is a unique state thanks to its sparse population and picturesque terrain. The state also provides its residents with a wide range of treatment options for substance abuse and mental disorders, some of which are listed above.

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