About Us

Detoxrehabs.org is committed to helping people recover from addiction by finding each client a treatment program that is developed specifically for their needs. We strive to connect clients with the top respected rehabilitation centers across the country, while always keeping their recovery at the forefront of each conversation.

With over 14,000 private and public rehabilitation centers offering alcohol addiction treatment across the country, the search for a rehab facility may feel overwhelming. When it is recovery that you are focused on, many of the smaller decisions are tough to manage. We are here to help make the process easier, answer any questions you may have, and connect you with a rehab facility that is tailored to your recovery.

Let our team of professionals help match your mental, physical, and personal needs with a rehab center that is right for you. At Detoxrehabs.org, we believe that addiction is more than a physical or chemical dependence, which is why we also focus on treating the mental and psychological symptoms of addiction. Whether it is medical detox, residential or inpatient rehab, mediation-assisted rehab or intensive intervention, our addiction treatment specialists can provide you with the information needed to make the best possible choice for your treatment.

Detoxrehabs.org also believes that recovery is not simply an inpatient process, but a lifelong journey that requires support and guidance along the way. Our addiction treatment specialists strive to help you find different forms of outpatient rehabilitation that can continue your success and enhance your recovery. Whether it is group meetings, alumni events, or sponsorship, outpatient therapy can help you celebrate your recovery and offer guidance and support as you take your life back.

Through our free, national helpline, you may call for yourself or for a loved one suffering from addiction. We are happy to answer questions and offer support as your loved one begins their journey through recovery. Your call is always 100% confidential, and our lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call: 888-694-3198