North Carolina

North Carolina Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

North Carolina has an interesting landscape, which includes beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains. The state motto is “First in Flight,” which honors the Wright Brothers first flight. Unfortunately, North Carolina is also first in some less attractive categories. For example, of the 25 cities cited for the highest opioid use in the nation, North Carolina cities make up four of them. Deaths related to heroin use have skyrocketed in the state, increasing more than 584%.

Most Commonly Abuses Substance in North Carolina:

You might assume heroin or other opioids are the most commonly abused drugs in North Carolina after reading the facts above. If so, you would be wrong. In actuality, crack cocaine is the most commonly abused drug in the state. Many addicts have even started mixing heroin with crack cocaine to create a deadlier drug. This combination of the two drugs, plus using them on their own has contributed to the 12% death rate attributed to illegal drug overdose or reactions in the state.

Mental Illness in North Carolina:

Mental illness correlates with substance abuse for reasons not completely understood. Therefore, it’s important to focus on mental illness and its prevention when fighting substance abuse. North Carolina is actually in a better spot than most states when it comes to mental illness. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, North Carolina has a mental illness rate of 16.84% . This means 16.84% of all adult residents aged 18 and over have a mental illness. The national rate is 18.9%. North Carolina’s rate is lower than this of course, but still too great to ignore.

Getting Help in North Carolina:

If you or someone you love are dealing with substance abuse or mental illness, you need to seek the help of a treatment center. These facilities are created specifically to help you achieve freedom from addiction or mental illness. A few of the many in North Carolina are listed below:

Wilmington Treatment Center, Wilmington:

This center was founded by individuals whose lives have been negatively altered by addiction. The Wilmington Treatment Center works with clients to build feelings of self-worth. They also promote a healthy lifestyle, family interaction, interpersonal relationships along with vocational productivity. The facility is designed to help their clients attain and create realistic life goals.

Two Dreams Outer Banks, Corolla:

This addiction recovery and treatment center utilizes a variety of methods. For example, recovery coaching, medical evaluations, nutritional planning, personal training, pharmacotherapy, continuous assessment, substance use monitoring and long-term continuing care are just a few of the many treatment options you have access to at this facility. Two Dreams also has an ideal location as it located on the shoreline of the Outer Banks.

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