New Jersey

New Jersey Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

New Jersey, located in the northeastern part of the United States with 130 miles of Atlantic shoreline, has a culture all its own. Jersey City is located across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan and is the site of Liberty State Park. Most notably, this is where ferries embark when visiting nearby Ellis Island. This island, of course, has rich cultural and historic significance as it was the entrance into the country for many immigrants throughout American history. Suffice it to say that New Jersey is a state of significance.

Substance Abuse in New Jersey:

Significant it may be, but New Jersey still has to deal with substance abuse. The drug-induced death rate in New Jersey is actually lower than the national average, which is good. New Jersey residents also use less illicit drugs than the rest of America. Around 6% of New Jersey residents claim to have used illicit drugs within the previous month. To compare, the national average of illicit drug use was 8%. Of the drugs abused in the state of New Jersey, heroin is the most common.

Although the drug-induced death rate in New Jersey is lower than the national average, it is still far too high. In 2007, there were 797 deaths as a direct result of drug use. This number is more than the amount of residents who lost their lives due to vehicle accidents (719) or firearms (446) within the same time frame. More recent numbers show the death rate related to drug use has skyrocketed increasing an astounding 53% from 2010 to 2012. Most of these addictions began with prescription drug abuse and then moved to illicit drugs like heroin. These stats reveal that the problem within the state is significant.

Mental Illness in New Jersey:

Along with substance abuse, New Jersey also has to address issues with mental illness. New Jersey has around 8.7 million residents. Of those citizens, 259,000 adults and 93,000 children live with a serious mental health condition. An even more troubling figure in 2006 found there were 585 deaths by suicide in the state. Suicide is almost always a result of a mental illness.

Best Rehabilitation, Detox And Mental Illness Centers in New Jersey:

When you have found that you are ready to find freedom from your addiction or mental illness, it is time to seek help. Perhaps, it’s not you, but a family member or friend who needs the help. The following are a few of the best resources in New Jersey for anyone seeking hope in a seemingly hopeless situation:

Seashore Family Services, Brick:

This is a substance abuse facility that offers personalized and professional therapy for family and individuals. Some of the services provided include group and family therapy counseling sessions, psychiatric assessments, individual counseling and drug tests.

Alpha Healing Center, Jersey City:

This center provides less traditional treatment services, like holistic recovery and a focus on nutrition and diet. They are committed to helping their clients through any means necessary in order for them to achieve freedom from their addiction.

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