Nevada Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Although Nevada is a state of rugged beauty full of expansive deserts and the world’s largest entertainment city, its famed Las Vegas, it isn’t immune to substance abuse or mental illness. In fact, between the years 2007 and 2008, Nevada was one of the top ten states in the nation in many drug use categories. Stimulants, like methamphetamine, are the most commonly reported drugs being abused in the state in 2010. This makes sense when you consider the state is home to the “city that never sleeps,” Las Vegas. Thankfully, Nevada also has many high-quality rehabilitation centers that are committed to helping residents and visitors alike achieve long-term freedom from their addictions. The following are a few such facilities:

Best Rehabilitation, Detox and Mental Illness Centers in Nevada:

Solutions Recovery, Las Vegas:

This luxurious treatment center goes above and beyond the typical rehab center. For example, interactive sculpting, massage services, interactive cooking classes and fitness classes are just a few of the decidedly unique ways this center approaches recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. This facility specializes in holistic therapy, which is designed to treat the whole person, not just their addiction. They also utilize groundbreaking cognitive behavioral therapy to discover the thoughts and emotions that correlate with an addiction. In addition, Solutions Recovery provides medical detoxification services and outpatient treatment options.

Alliance Family Services Inc., Reno:

The mission of this center is to “provide services of the highest quality.” They achieve this through proper evaluation, intensive outpatient services, and individual sessions, along with other services. Each service is administered by a nationally certified chemical dependency counselor.

A Better Today Recovery Services, Las Vegas:

If a person wants something a bit different when it comes to rehabilitation, this center is ideal. They utilize a wide range of therapies, including equine therapy, yoga, and strength therapy, art and music therapy, cognitive behavior therapy along with traditional family and group therapy. A Better Today also offers a sober living program to make transitioning from the center back into everyday life easier for their clients.

Nevada and Mental Illness:

The above centers are all committed to helping their clients overcome substance abuse. Part of doing that, though, requires a focus on mental illness. There is evidence that shows a connection between mental illness and substance abuse, although it’s not that well understood. Suffice it to say, that often substance abuse is a result of many underlying issues, one of which is often a mental illness. This is relevant because around 89,000 Nevada residents live with a serious mental illness. Another 28,000 children live with mental illness. This stat shows the prevalence of mental illness within the state, which needs to be addressed to prevent further substance abuse cases.

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