Nebraska Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Nebraska, nicknamed the “Cornhusker State,” is an all American state that features prairies and the Great Plains in its terrain. It is a Midwestern state with great significance in the country’s pioneering days. Although the state exhibits a love of farming and a commitment to family, Nebraska still struggles with substance abuse and mental illness problems just like any other state in the nation. Thankfully, they do have many high-quality treatment centers that are designed to help their residents achieve freedom for addictions and mental wellness. A few such centers are listed below:

Best Rehabilitation, Detoxification and Mental Illness Treatment Centers in Nebraska:

Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska, Lincoln:

This not-for-profit facility provides behavioral health treatment, along with intensive outpatient services as well. They also provide family support education to help those around their client whose lives are negatively affected by their loved one’s addiction. The Lutheran Family Services are applicable to anyone who is ready to change their life for the better.

Bryan Independence Center, Lincoln:

This is a hospital-based treatment center that provides around-the-clock nursing, residential programs, detox and medical care to both adults and adolescents. The facility also has dietary services, teachers and a chaplain available for clients. Bryan Independence Center is the only facility that provides these treatments for adolescents within the county’s Juvenile Drug Court.

The Bridge Behavioral Health, Lincoln:

Bridge Behavioral Health, which was previously known as the Cornhusker Place, is an alcohol and drug treatment facility. Clients go through medically supervised detoxification and withdrawal process that typically lasts up to seven days. The next step for clients is entering either the long or short term residential or outpatient treatment programs offered at the center. Once clients are free of their addiction, the facility provides after-care and Recovery Support, which is designed to help them remain committed to the process of recovery.

Mental Illness And Substance Abuse in Nebraska:

One in every 15 people or 6.6% of residents reported a major depressive episode in 2012-2013. In 2013, there were 220 suicide deaths that were linked to depression. Drinking is also an issue in Nebraska. Nebraska adults were deemed more likely than national numbers to operate a motor vehicle while impaired in 2014. The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System discovered a higher risk of binge drinking among adults within the state of Nebraska than the rest of the nation.

More Numbers About Substance Abuse in Nebraska:

There were 392 alcohol-related deaths in 2004 in Nebraska. In the same year, there were 61 deaths where drugs were listed as the primary reason for death. These facts and the ones listed above reveal the problem with substance abuse and mental illness in Nebraska. Thankfully, there is hope. When a person suffering from these issues realizes they have a problem and seeks help, they begin the first step towards recovery.

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