Montana Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Montana is known as “Big Sky Country,” due to its wide-open spaces and picturesque terrain. For example, within Montana’s borders is the Glacier National Park, which allows residents to enjoy alpine hiking trails. This park also features snow-capped peaks along the famed Going-to-the-Sun Road that stretches 50 miles. Unfortunately, the natural beauty of Montana with its bigger-than-life skies doesn’t mean the state is free from the ugliness of substance dependence or mental illness. Thankfully, the state offers a wide variety of treatment centers, designed to help its residents overcome the destructive effects of substance abuse. The following are three such centers:

Best Detoxification, Rehabilitation and Mental Illness Centers in Montana:

Mental Health Center, Billings:

This center treats a variety of mental disorders along with chemical dependency. This facility provides a residential treatment home that serves women and men. They also include early intervention, dialectic behavioral therapy groups, level one outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and aftercare along with co-occurring disorder groups. In addition, they offer financial aid, based upon a sliding scale, which is meant to open their services to anyone who needs their help.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, Great Falls:

This facility, which is beautifully situated on the Missouri River, specializes in treating co-occuring disorders (like mental illness and substance abuse) in both women and men. The methods of treatment feature team-building activities, recreation, eco-therapy, individual and group counseling and even equine therapy. The outdoor activities offered by Rocky Mountain Treatment Center include visiting Giant Springs, walking River’s Edge Trail and playing on the basketball and volleyball courts.

Flathead Valley Chemical Dependency Clinic, Thompson Falls:

This center is a chemical dependency treatment facility. Clients begin by completing an individual assessment by a licensed addiction counselor. After this, they move on to family, group and individual counseling. This chemical dependency center also offers a women’s recovery home that can house eight women at a time. In addition to these programs, they provide a Misdemeanor Dangerous Drug program, Minor in Possession Program and a Montana A.C.T. program.

Substance Abuse in Montana:

In 2007, 132 Montana residents died as a direct result of drug use, which figures to 13.8 people per each 100,000. This stat is higher than the national average, which is only 12.7 people per 100,000. These stats reveal the scope of the problem facing Montana when it comes to fighting substance abuse. Treatment centers do help, but understanding the problem helps as well.

Popular Drugs in Montana:

The most common drug abused within the state is marijuana. Abuse of prescription drugs and other opiates are the next most commonly abused drugs in the state. Of course, these two drugs are big in virtually every state in the nation, especially abuse of prescription medications. Often, these addictions begin innocently. Usually, a person is prescribed the drug for a legitimate reason, becomes addicted and then requires more and more of the substance to achieve the same effect.

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