Mississippi Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The southern state of Mississippi is situated along the Gulf of Mexico and borders both the state of Alabama and the Mississippi River. The Mississippi Delta region in the state is thought of as the birthplace of blues music. This lovely state with all its southern charm isn’t immune from the problem of substance abuse and mental illness the rest of the nation faces.

Substance Abuse in Mississippi:

The substance abuse situation in Mississippi is better in some ways and worse in others when compared to the rest of America. While Mississippi was one of the top ten states (between 2009 and 2010) for nonmedical painkiller usage, it actually boasts a lower death rate due to illicit drug use. The national average of deaths due to illicit drug use was 8.82%, Mississippi’s was 6.95%.When entering rehabilitation or treatment for substance abuse, marijuana was the most commonly cited drug during in the state. In addition, 334 Mississippi residents lost their lives in 2007 as a direct consequence of drug usage.

Mental Illness in Mississippi:

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, around 125,000 adult residents out of the 2.9 million people who call Mississippi home live with a serious mental illness. The number of suicides the state experienced in 2006 was 325. Since suicide is often linked to mental illness, this is a telling statistic. Thankfully, great rehabilitation centers recognize the importance of treating the underlying issues of addiction, like mental illness. Therefore, anyone who suffers from an addiction should seek the help of quality rehabilitation centers.

Best Detoxification, Rehabilitation and Mental Illness Centers in Mississippi:

A Bridge to Recovery, Southaven:

This beautiful facility specializes in treating all mental disorders, including those relating to alcohol and drug addiction. They provide intensive outpatient treatments, such as individual and group counseling sessions three times each week for 10 weeks, lasting three hours each time. Bridge to Recovery also provides a continuing care program that helps their clients stay committed to their recovery long-term.

Sunflower Landing, Tutwiler:

This unique long-term residential facility specializes in the treatment of adolescents with alcohol or drug addictions. The rural setting of the center allows them to use horses, a parrot, goats, cats and dogs throughout therapy. The treatments they offer includes counseling, medication, education, diet and a healthy dose of laughter, play, and sunshine.

Home of Grace, Gautier:

This center is nationally recognized for their three-month treatment program. The two campuses of Home of Grace focus on therapeutic and Christ-centered treatments. They also provide education, Bible studies, worship, along with group and individual counseling sessions.

Mississippi has much to offer its residents. Thankfully, they also provide many rehabilitation centers for residents struggling with addiction and mental illness. The only step they have to take is to seek the help available to them.

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