Massachusetts Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The state of Massachusetts has a significant Colonial history. Its capital, Boston, features several sites related to the Revolutionary War, which visitors can tour. Some of these include the Freedom Trail and the Bunker Hill Monument. One would hope a state that was as crucial to our freedom from Britain as this one would also be free from substance abuse and mental illness. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. In fact, just like the rest of the nation, Massachusetts has to deal with the effects of substance abuse and mental illness on a daily basis.

Why it’s Important to Seek Help:

In 2009, 916 Massachusetts’ residents lost their lives as a direct result of drug use. This means a person living in Massachusetts is more likely to be killed by abusing drugs than dying in a motor vehicle accident or being shot. As of 2010, Massachusetts was one of the top ten states in the nation when it comes to drug use rates. This information communicates why anyone currently fighting an addiction should seek help quickly at a place like those listed below:

Detoxification, Rehabilitation and Mental Illness Centers in Massachusetts:

The Addiction Referral Center, Marlborough:

This is a not for profit facility created to help women and men suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. At its inception, the center was established as a drop-in style center for those looking for support through the recovery and rehabilitation process. Today’s vision is much the same. The center offers daily meetings and aftercare designed to encourage people to support each other.

Bay Cove Human Services, Boston:

At this center, addiction is treated similarly to a medical condition, which means the center offer a wide range of treatment options and are passionate about helping addicts find freedom from an addiction. Each treatment plan is individually tailored to the addict. Bay Cove offers a variety of plans including outpatient and residential treatment, detoxification help, substance abuse prevention; help with alcohol and drug addiction and group and individual counseling sessions.

Steppingstone Inc., New Bedford:

This facility, which is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, specializes in homeless services and behavioral health. The center provides mental health and substance abuse treatment. Additional services Stepping Stone provides include postpartum and pregnancy services, gambling treatment, and case management for HIV.

Massachusetts Drug Abuse:

The most common drug being abused within the state of Massachusetts is heroin. The second behind that is cocaine. However, just like all other states, Massachusetts is experiencing problems with prescription painkiller abuse, the use of marijuana and methamphetamine. Based on a national survey on health and drug use, 12.12% of Massachusetts residents report using an illicit drug within the past month. The national average is 8.82%. The discrepancy reveals the magnitude of the drug problem Massachusetts is facing.

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