Maine Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Maine, located in the northeasternmost area of the nation, includes beautiful parks and a rocky coastline. Unfortunately, the state’s beauty doesn’t make it immune to the ugliness of substance abuse. There is help out there for addiction sufferers, though. The following are just a few of the best treatment centers in Maine:

Crisis & Counseling Centers, Augusta:

This facility faithfully serves the good people of Somerset and Kennebec counties. They provide help for those overwhelmed with daily pressures that come with regular life, the mental illness that renders a person unable to function, the all-consuming grief that comes along with substantial loss or the breakdown of a life that arrives with substance abuse or addiction.

Acadia Hospital, Bangor:

This facility focuses on inpatient and residential rehabilitation and mental health services. The type of care offered includes partial hospitalization for drug treatment, outpatient drug rehab, residential short and long term sober living, lasting 30 days or less, or more than 30 days. They also provide day treatments for substance abuse.

Recovery Center at Mercy Hospital, Westbrook:

The primary focus of the center is to provide substance abuse services for those addicted to drugs or alcohol. They offer detoxification and have outpatient, partial hospitalization, hospital inpatient and day treatment options.

Mental Illness in Maine:

Many studies have found a correlation between mental illness and substance abuse. It isn’t clear which comes first, but they tend to always go together. Mental illness is common in the state of Maine. Of the 1.3 million adult residents, around 51,000 live daily with a serious mental illness. Thankfully, many of the treatment facilities in Maine acknowledge the connection between mental illness and substance abuse. Consequently, the treatment centers within the state often treat both the substance abuse and underlying conditions.

Substance Abuse in Maine:

Alcohol abuse is the number one reason Maine residents seek rehabilitation treatment. In 2014, another common reason for people seeking help was the abuse of synthetic opiates. The second most frequent reason Maine residents seek treatment is marijuana abuse. In fact, nearly one in three secondary admissions to treatment facilities was marijuana. Total treatment admissions for morphine or heroin addiction have steadily increased since 2010.

Consequences of Substance Abuse in Maine:

There are many negative consequences of substance abuse. After all, addictions are life altering, not only for the addict but for their family and friends as well. The following are some statistics that showcases a few of these negative elements within the state of Maine:

  • One in three Maine drug offenses involved heroin in 2014.
  • Child Protective Services received 961 reports in 2014 about infants born with an illicit substance in their system.
  • Most drug-related offenses in 2013 were for possession of drugs rather than the manufacturing or sale of a substance.

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