Kentucky Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The state of Kentucky is best known for its renowned horse race, the Kentucky Derby located in the state’s largest city, Louisville. Unfortunately, the class and history of the state doesn’t mean substance abuse and mental illness isn’t a problem in the state. Just like the rest of the nation, Kentucky is struggling to stay on top of their substance abuse epidemic.

Substance Abuse in Kentucky:

The Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP) released a description of Kentucky’s current substance abuse situation. Just as in the rest of the nation, Heroin is making a resurgence in Kentucky. In fact, it’s at epidemic levels within the state, especially in the northern part of the state, in Lexington and Louisville. Heroin is known by various nicknames like Puppy Chow, Horse, Dog, Big H., or Black Tar. Heroin can be inhaled through a straw, snorted in the powder variety through the nose or smoked in a water pipe.

The Heroin Epidemic in Kentucky:

Experts think the rise in heroin was primarily caused by drug manufacturers changing the way they formulated Opana and OxyContin. This change made it harder for users to crush them or snort them, which caused many to seek an alternative. Another reason is likely because the street value of prescription painkillers is much higher than heroin. In fact, on the street, an 80mg Oxycontin pill will likely run anywhere from $60 to $100. By comparison, heroin runs around $9 a dose. Therefore, the uptick in Heroin could be a result of several factors.

Other Factors Leading to Kentucky’s Substance Abuse:

In addition to the above reasons, mental illness along with other addictions could lead a person to develop a dependence on heroin or another drug. A new trend in Kentucky to look at the overall “behavioral health” of a person, thus treating all the underlying conditions associated with an addiction.

Rehabilitation, Detoxification And Mental Illness Centers in Kentucky:

Quiet Creek Farm, Irvine:

This center focuses on helping their clients overcome an addiction at their own pace. In other words, an addict’s progress is not calendar driven. They also offer a wide range of unique treatments and provide a sober and safe environment designed to help their clients find long-term freedom from addiction.

Bridgehaven, Inc. Mental Services, Louisville:

This facility isn’t necessarily designed to help overcome addictions. Instead, they focus on helping people overcome mental illnesses. They specialize in treating people with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or depression. The goal of the facility is to help those with mental illness function better on a day-to-day basis. The treatment options vary but include group or individual therapy, daily activities that teach coping activities and pet therapy. There is a new program this center is implementing called Recovery 201. This program is focused on people who are working or currently in school.

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