Kansas Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Kansas, the fictional hometown state of Superman and the real-life home of the famous Dodge City, has a lot going for it. It is the quintessential backbone of the country. Unfortunately, Kansas also has to deal with the substance abuse and mental illness that is prevalent around the nation. When an addict or someone who is mentally ill desires help for such conditions, they can reach out to one of the following rehabilitation centers in Kansas:

Rehabilitation, Detoxification And Mental Illness Centers:

Mental Health Center of East Central Kansas (CrossWinds), Emporia:

This facility is designed to help those suffering from mental illness. It also addresses drug and alcohol abuse. This center provides psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, psychiatric nurses, prevention consultants along with family and marriage therapists. The fees for this clinic are based upon a person’s income and the number of dependents they currently have.

Miracles, Inc, Wichita:

This non-profit organization is a faith-based alcohol and drug rehab facility in Wichita. They are a private and highly rated behavioral health agency. This center is committed to using faith as a way to over addiction.

Valley Hope Association, Norton:

This facility includes nine separate treatment centers spread over several states. This center is the Norton location. It is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center, which accepted their first client in 1967. Valley Hope provides free treatment to clients who are 16 and over. The treatment they offer includes residential care and detoxification along with family education and support.

Substance Abuse in Kansas:

The facilities listed above are wonderful resources for people seeking help for their addiction. The following is a snapshot of the state of Kansas’ substance abuse situation, showcasing the scope of the problem within the state:
Kansas is lower than the national average when it comes to drug-related arrests. Since 2001, the possession/sale of/ consumption of illicit drugs and methamphetamine equipment and lab seizures have seen a reduction. Around 2.7% of people who call Kansas home meet the criteria for illicit drug dependence or abuse. This is about the national average. Of the illicit drugs abused in Kansas, marijuana is the most reported among adults, accounting for 4.6% of all adults. The most reports of drug abuse are in ages 18 to 25. The second most commonly abused drug is prescription painkillers. The percentage of Kansas citizens who abuse this type of drug is 1.3%.

Mental Health in Kansas:

Mental illness is often associated with substance abuse. Although mental conditions don’t necessarily cause the substance abuse or psychiatric disorders, they are often connected. Suicide, mental disorders, property crime and domestic violence are just a few of the consequences that come along with substance abuse. Therefore, it is wise to address these correlating conditions when seeking treatment.

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