Insurance Accepted

Thanks in large part to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) and the Affordable Care Act, millions more people in the United States were able receive behavioral health coverage that could be used for substance abuse treatment. This has led to many thousands of people who were able to access rehab programs that accepted their insurance plans in order to get started on their path to sobriety.

Understanding Your Behavioral Health Benefits

Even though all insurance policies are different, the above legislative acts attempted to make certain forms of coverage more universal.

For example, the final rules included language to:

  • Ensure that parity applies to multiple levels of care, including intensive outpatient and residential treatment
  • Make clear that partity also applies to the various limitations on policies and network coverage
  • Allow for the exclusion of pre-existing conditions to be a factor for obtaining health insurance

What is Next for Insurance Coverage

With the latest election and change of power in the White House and Senate, some fear that addiction treatment coverage laws will be set back. Although there may be changes on certain mandates, there has been a clear bipartisan effort in recent years to continue to fund and expand access to addiction treatment programs. Hopefully this now only persists, but also widens, as there are millions of people in desperate need of help.

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