Indiana Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

When Indiana citizens lose hope in life due to a substance abuse addiction, it’s time for them to find hope. This hope is often found in the recovery centers within the state. The following are a few of the best rehabilitation centers in the state of Indiana. Seeking out help for substance abuse from these facilities or those like it is the best way to beat an addiction for good:

Fairbanks, Indianapolis:

The motto of this facility is “get your life back together,” and that’s just what they aim to do. They are passionate about helping their clients restore their lives to what it was before an addiction. The professionals at Fairbanks understand that many elements contribute to addiction. Therefore, they evaluate the family and social factors, psychological problems, developmental issues and emotional problems that might have led to an addiction.

Families First, Indianapolis:

This center began in 1835 on Thanksgiving Day. It was started as a way to assist families within the Indianapolis area. The center has grown since them to treat people with a chemical dependency. In 2014 alone, 1,000 people sought out the services provided by Families First to recover from addiction.

Shepherd’s House, Fort Wayne:

This facility provides Christian based treatments for men 18 years and older. They also utilize successful 12 step programs. Shepherd’s House is in an advantageous location. It is on the public transportation line, making it easy for people seeking help at the center.

Substance Abuse in Indiana:

Substance abuse was the most commonly stated reason for a Hoosier to go to a rehabilitation center. Of 1/3 of the clients who sought help for substance abuse, 38.5%, said alcohol dependency was their reason for seeking help. As would be expected, alcohol is the most frequently abused drug in the state. Alcohol is a known contributor in suicides at 23% and drowning accidents at 34%.

Marijuana is the illicit substance most abused in Indiana. Around 20% of Indiana high school students admit to currently using marijuana. When checking into a treatment center in Indiana, 20.9% of clients said they were dependent on marijuana. To put this number into perspective, consider the fact that the national number for treatment admittance for marijuana dependence is 18.0%.

Other drugs that are commonly abused in Indiana include heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. Addictions to these drugs among others are the impetus behind many residents getting treatment.

Indiana’s Mental Illness Picture:

Mental illness can lead to all kinds of issues like the substance abuse listed above. Mental Health America ranked the states with regard to how they deal with mental illness. Indiana ranked third worst in this category. This means their attention to mental health or treatment options are reduced when compared to other states. Thankfully, the numbers of mental illnesses within the state are more in the middle of the road.

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