Georgia Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The state of Georgia is abundant in historical significance and beautiful terrain. The mountains of North Georgia seamlessly transition into the coastal region, where the beautiful city of Savannah is located. The capital of Georgia, Atlanta, has recently been deemed the “Hip Hop Capital” of the world by many within the music industry. Although Georgia features many pleasant attributes, it also has the same negative elements that plague most of the nation that being a problem with drug, alcohol abuse and mental issues.

Drug Addiction in Georgia:

Presently, cocaine is the most commonly cited addiction throughout Georgia addiction centers. Cocaine usually enters Georgia via bulk quantities of powder. It is then converted it into crack by locals.

Next Most Common Drug Addictions in Georgia:

After Cocaine, the following are the most commonly abused drugs within the state of Georgia:

  • Alcohol: Although it’s not typically considered a drug, alcohol can be just as dangerous.
  • Heroin: According to the Atlanta Field Division Office, heroin is still readily available throughout Georgia. The good news is heroin trafficking is currently low and stable, but street level amounts of heroin are still prevalent.
  • Methamphetamine: There have been a significant number of seizures and arrests pertaining to methamphetamine throughout the state of Georgia. The specific areas most affected are the Gainesville, Dalton and Atlanta areas.

Mental Illnesses in Georgia:

Not only does the state of Georgia have its hands full with drug and alcohol addictions, it also has an abundance of mental illness cases. Of the 9.7 million residents who call Georgia home, as estimated 349,000 adults live with a serious mental illness.

Best Drug and Mental Health Rehab/Treatment Centers in Georgia:

When an addict or person struggling with mental health issues decides they are ready for help, the following are some of the best rehabilitation options within the state of Georgia:

Laurelwood: Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Center:

Located in Northeast Georgia in Gainsville, Laurelwood Treatment Center caters to addicts as well as those who are suffering from mental illness. The facility boasts 54 beds and holds the distinction of being the region’s largest free-standing, not-for-profit and private hospital specifically dedicated to the treatment of substance abuse and mental illness.

Atlanta Addictive Disease and Psychiatric Medicine Associates:

This fantastic center is headed up by an addictionist, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and medical doctor. There are eight separate locations, including Peachtree City, Cumming, Johns Creek, Smyrna, Stockbridge, Roswell, Marietta and Atlanta. This facility believes it’s crucial to treat the whole person in order to create lasting change. Therefore, they provide a wide range of services that encompass several niche specialties.

Drug and alcohol addiction along with mental illness disorders are often life altering. In fact, most of the time, they disrupt a person’s current life and create within them a constant battle between what they desire to do and what their addicted body is demanding them to do. By using the information above, this type of person can find the help they desperately need.

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