Florida Detox and Rehabs For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is a warm environment with beautiful seaside towns and picturesque retirement communities. The state was once referred to in a New York Times post as an “oasis of sobriety,” due to the many recovery centers located within the state. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the drug epidemic from infiltrating the state of Florida just as it has the rest of the nation.

Florida’s Substance Abuse Information:

Heroin: Recently, the prevalence of heroin within the state was referred to as an epidemic. The stats back up this claim. Between the years 2011 and 2012, overdose deaths associated with heroin increased by 89% throughout the state. The number of deaths went from 62 to 117 annually. Some counties within the state have seen an increase of 120% or more.

Many experts feel Florida’s location has a lot to do with its heroin issue. Because it is one of the southernmost states in the United States, it is believed heroin can be transported from Mexico into the state fairly easily. This is a huge problem since heroin is likely the most addictive drug a person can take. Officials also believe the rise in the number of heroin deaths had something to do with the abuse of painkillers.

Abuse of Painkillers: There are many pain management centers in the state of Florida. Consequently, they now have addicts coming from all over the nation to these centers, hoping to get a prescription for a painkiller. In addition to these visitors, Florida citizens have also become addicted to painkillers in record numbers. Heroin becomes a natural next step once a person is addicted to painkillers for two reasons. First of all, the painkillers become less effective as people build immunity to the drugs, leading them to seek a stronger drug. Secondly, heroin is cheaper to buy than prescription painkillers off the street.

Getting Help in The State of Florida:

Florida of course also has its fair share of mental illness issues and alcohol abuse. Thankfully, they also have many treatment centers to combat these problems. Whenever a citizen decides they want to change for the better from any of these addictions, they should seek the help of centers like those listed below:

Solutions Recovery Center, Southwest, Florida:

This center does just what its name implies, provides solutions to the problem of addiction. They treat men who have an addiction or substance abuse problem. All who come to this facility will go through a detoxification program which is followed by a 30, 60 or 90-day program. Each person is given an individual treatment plan based on their specific needs.

12 Keys Rehab:

This center takes a unique approach towards addiction. They focus on long-term recovery and are committed to healing the mind, soul and body. The center limits the number of guests to 30 at a time in order to ensure they give each client enough one-on-one treatment.

Call: 800-906-9762